Glass Coating

Waterprofing, Easy Care and Cheerful

Glass Coating by Easy Colour Paint

GLASS COATING is to solve the problem of leaking toilets (Water Absorption). And Solve the problem of dull Mosaic or Non-Mosaic Flooring.

Easy Paint Method :

If leaking be sure to Paint the WALL SECTION as high as OVER 5CM. So that absorption does not occur in the WALL SECTION. 

MUST paint 3mm thick, 3 liters 25-30 square feet. Again thick and BEST. Make sure the line on the mosaic is closed so that the line is not visible.

it indicates a thickness of 3mm if the floor is mosaic and before painting the floor must be

1. Clean of dirt moss and wet.

2. Best should be dry .

3. Let it dry all day .

4. If you can be patient, leave it for 2 days

Available colors Only Clear , White And Gray only.