Nature paints inspiration

Nature paint is becoming increasingly popular if you want to mix contemporary and heritage to your home. Here’s some inspiration.

If you’re thinking of refreshing your home, you may not be entirely convinced shine and sparkle paint is the way to go. However, if used in the correct way, nature paint can add interesting detail to a home.

We have put together our top picks that will bring a blend of shimmer and interest to your home.

Granite Top

Grey shades are ever popular but if you are looking for a grey with a twist, our Granite Top Metallic emulsion provides an

alternative to a standard matt finish. Perfectly on-trend, the Granite Toppaint is designed shimmer in the light for a stunning

feature wall, stencil or detail.

Rose Gold

If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, our Rose Gold is the perfect addition for feature walls, stripes and stencils.

Our Rose Gold paint shimmers with a metallic finish that will brighten your space, providing an interesting focal point to any room.

If you’re wondering what home decor and interiors would go with our iconic Rose Gold paint, check out our blog on ‘simple ways

to incorporate the rose gold trend inside your home’.


To introduce just a touch of our metallic paint, use Striking to create a metallic stripe.

Horizontal stripes can be edgy and work really well in a hallway to help elongate the space without sacrificing style.

If you’re looking to add an extra dimension to your home, read our previous blog ‘Shimmer and shine with our metallic colours!’.

Ready to get started? Check out our huge range of sample pots to help you decide which gold paint for walls would match your

home style and really impress your guests.


If you’re feeling adventurous, our Copper metallic paint provides a stunning backdrop to a room. The paint creates a lustrous look

of metallic shine to your walls and combined with a matt emulsion, makes an interesting contrast.  

Our paint is the perfect way to bring a glowing feeling of warmth to the room, a sure fire way to impress your guests, and still provide a 

soothing place relax.